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Baba Nyonya Convention 2
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Baba Nyonya Convention 2

The 23rd Baba-Nyonya Convention

‘From Quli to Bong Tao’
November 20th - 22nd 2010

Provisional program

Saturday 20th November 2010

13.00 hr- 17.00 hr Registration
17.30 hr.  Embark to Kan Eng@Pier Restaurant, Chalong Bay

18.00 hr- 22.00 hr      Welcome Dinner with the show:
“Journey through the 19th Century, from Quli (Coolie) to Bong Tao”
Venue: Kan Eng@Pier Restaurant, Chalong Bay, Phuket
• The adventure to Tong Ka that our ancestors (the Baba pioneer laborers) embarked on by Chinese three-mast junk.
• Journey through the past in a “Light & Sound Show”. You will have a chance to meet the new laborers from China or Sin-Kae at Tong Ka. Lucky audience members will be chosen to take part as our actors.
• Shows originating from throughout the Peranakan network.
• Enjoy dancing with the Phuket Extravaganza Band (don’t forget to rest your legs beforehand !)
Dress Code: 
• Baba Men, please wear the attire of a poor laborer just landed in Phuket Bay
• For Nyonyas, remember that you are the beloved daughters of famous tin mine owners (Tao-Kae) or Bong Tao. Please show off your best nyonya’s dress
Sunday 21st November 2010 

08.15 hr Embark to the Royal Phuket Marina International Exhibition & Conference Center for the official Opening day of the 23rd Baba-Nyonya Convention

09.00 hr Enjoy “The Musical Compositions of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej” with the full symphony orchestra troupe

10.30 hr  Coffee Break

10.45 hr Watch a Thai classical masked drama (enacting scenes from the Ramayana) by students from Plookpanya School, Phuket.

12.00 hr  Lunch

13.00 hr Official Opening of the 23rd Baba-Nyonya Convention at the Royal Phuket Marina  
International Exhibition & Conference Center. Our Guest of Honor, Mr. Tree
Ackaradecha, Governor of Phuket Province, will preside over the opening

   The president of each Baba Peranakan Association will exchange souvenirs.

                  Coffee break

14.00 hr  Conference speakers will take place as follows:

1. “The Influences on the Architecture of Phuket Old Town” by Assistant Professor Dr. Yongtanit Pimonsatean, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University (30 minutes)
2. “The First Hotel in Phuket” by Honorary Consul to the Czech Republic, Mr. Anurak Thansiriroj (30 minutes)
3. “Silver and Gold Metallic Thread Tiaras for Nyonya’s” by Baba Jarin Neeranatwarodom from Takuapa (30 minutes)
16.00 hr  Depart from the Royal Phuket Marina for the Royal Phuket City Hotel to change clothes
17.15 hr  Embark to the Thai Village Park to celebrate the Loy Kratong festival

18.00hr - 22.00 hr The 23rd Baba Nyonya Convention Dinner
   - Thai performance and elephant riding show in the main auditorium
   - Candle-lit dinner
   - Live comedy show, “Baba Nyonya & Kratong” by Nora
  - Ram Wong Loy Kratong Dance with all of the audience members
   - Miss Loy Kratong pageant
- Floating of the ‘kratong’ (wish for good luck by floating away all of your troubles on a ‘kratong’ with a strand of your hair and a piece of nail)
   - The floating of ‘Kome Loy’ Lanterns
1. Every Baba Peranakan Association should send at least one Nyonya for the Miss Loy Kratong pageant
2. Please send the name of your representative to us by November 15th
3. ‘Kratongs’ and ‘Kome Loy’ Lanterns will be prepared in Phuket
Dress Code:
• Baba Nyonya attire
• The Lakeside Restaurant, Thai Village Park, Thepkrasattri Road, Phuket
• The ‘Kome Loy’ is a drum-sized lantern which works similarly to a small hot-air-balloon. It is made of lightweight rice paper with a small candle underneath to heat the air inside in order to make it float upwards.
• A ‘Kratong’ is a lotus shaped vessel made of banana leaves. During the festival, small model floats or kratongs, carrying incense, flowers, coins and a candle, are set adrift on any body of water in the Kingdom.

Monday 22nd  November 2010

07.00 hr  Breakfast at the hotel

10.00 hr     Check out and get ready to embark for Nai Yang National Park

11.00-14.00.00hr - Baba Nyonya on the beach for a hot pot party at the Aeronautical Radio of
  Thailand, Phuket Office on the beach
                         - Enjoy shopping at the temple fair for Local Peranakan and Traditional Products
 - Games and dancing with the musical band
 - Say farewell to our beloved friends


Dress Code:
  Beach wear or casual

  Local custom:
We tend to celebrate the Loy Kratong festival very close to a temple fair where people can enjoy strolling around to watch performances, shop, eat and drink.

See you all at the 24th Baba Nyonya Convention in Penang !


For anyone who has to depart Phuket in the afternoon or extend their stay at different hotel, please pack your things ready to check in as our beach venue is less than ten minutes to the airport and also prepare clothing to change into after the beach party.

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