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Place Name in Phuket PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล์
เขียนโดย ปาณิศรา ชูผล มทศ.   
จันทร์, 28 มกราคม 2008




Place Name in Phuket.

ชื่อผู้วิจัย          Sommai Pinphutthasin

ลิขสิทธิ์            Rajaphath Phuket Institute

เมื่อ                  ๙ เมษายน ๒๕๔๗ 


1.      To collect Place Names in Phuket

2.      To classify Place Names according to pattern of belief in naming 


                        Names of villages in each tambol in Phuket lieve  indiad from 100 parficipants by means of brief interview. The topics taken into the interview comprise village’s name, location} meaning, histroricon back ground, general geographic, veligion, occupation, and communication language. The interview lure endel when each place name repeated The details from the interview were organized and  rout into the same name when there were repeated. Place means were classified into 8 cetogoring according to the pattern of belief in meaning.  


                105 Place Name of villages in Phuket were collection when the were classified according to their meaning, 225 names were achieved. And there of them absulutely have the same pronunciations and meaning. There are Kok Not, Na Nai, and Kok Kham.  However, some names appeared different only with their final predicatives which function as predicatives. : such as Na Nai Sut, Na Nai; Bang Thao Nok, Bang Thao Tai, Bang Thao Nua; Tha Rua, Tha Rua Mai, Tha Chin; Kok Kham, Kok Khian, Kok Sai, Kok Yang; Na Bon, Na Nai, Na Yai; Bo Sai, Bo rea, Bo Som; Bang Jo, Bang Thao, Bang Rong, Bang Pae, Bang La, Bang Sai, Bang Niaw, Phru Somphan, Phru Jampa; Mai Khao, Mai Riap; Sai Nam Yen, Sai Yuan; Liphon Bangkok, Liphon Tai, Liphon Hua Han.            The most common words founded in naming lieve 18 names with Bang; 11 names with Leam; 7 names with each Kok and Na; 4 names with each Ko, Liphon, Bo, Tha, Nai, and Ao; 2 names with each Khuan, Tin, Phru, Mai, and Sai; 1 name for the rest.

2. Naming occording to pattern of belief classified into  categories with the most to the least names.

2.1   Naming based on the dominant geografical characteriatics : Ban Kommala, Ban Klang, Ban Ko Keaw, Bna Khao Noy, Ban Khanan, Ban Khuan, Ban Kok Kham, Ban Kok Khian, Ban Kok Not, Ban Kok Sai, Ban Kok Kham, Ban Kok Yang, Ban Kok San, Ban Chai Wat, Ban Cheaung Thale, Ban Don.

                           2.2   Naming base on the specific natural settings : such as Ban Kommala, Ban Ka Thu, Ban Ket Ho, Ban Ko Na Kha, Ban Ko Maphrao, Ban Ko Yai, Ban Khuan Din Deang, Ban Ko En, Ban Kok Kham, Ban Kok Khian, Ban Kok Not, Ban Kok San, Ban Trok.

 2.3 Naming base on community activities culture : such as Ban Kok Chang, Ban Tha Khreang Bon, Ban Tha Cin, Ban Tha Maphrao, Ban Thai Na, Ban Tha Rua, Ban Tha Rua Mai, Ban Thai Mai, Ban Na Kok, Ban Na Nok, Ban Na Nai, Ban Na Bon, Ban Na Bon Tai, Ban Na Yai, Ban Bon Suan, Ban Bo Sai, Ban Bo Rea, Ban Bo Som, Ban Bang Pea, Ban Bang Rong.

2.4 Naming in memorial events and after welknown person. Place Name founded in thisecares include Chumchon Thanon Suthat, Ban Ku Ku, Ban Wat Mai, Ban Bang Jo, Ban Bang Malao, Ban Manik, Ban Muang Mai, Ban Hat Surin, Ban Leam Long.

2.5 Naming without knowing their meaning such as Ban Kalim, Ban Ko Lon, Ban Khanean (…), Ban Chum Plo, Ban Nai Thon, Ban Ra Ngeang, Ban Layan, Ban Si Ko(….), Ban Leam Nga.

2.6   Naming by following the tales. Such as Ban Kata, Ban Karon, Ban Chit Chiaw, Ban Thung Thong.

2.7 Naming base on caller’s emaginatives. Such as Ban Ko Keaw,  Ban Leam Prom Thep.

2.8 Naming for goodluck, such as Ban Ku Ku, Ban Leam Prom Thep.

แก้ไขล่าสุดเมื่อ ( จันทร์, 04 กุมภาพันธ์ 2008 )
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